Application Modernisation

Applications are at the heart of your business.
Let Metsi guide you to the summit of application modernisation.

Step 1: Base Camp

Discover & Assess

Metsi’s strategic advisory and architecture consultancy surveil the rugged terrain of your information infrastructure through assessments and interviews. This allows customers to align the compass of IT transformation with their business goals. By knowing the “As Is” we plan the path to the “To Be”.

Step 2: Choosing your path

The Seven Metsi Pathways








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Based on the assessment of your information landscape, there are 7 potential paths you can take towards achieving digital maturity. Each path has its own characteristics, and you will be accompanied throughout your expedition by Metsi's travelled advisors. Select any of the paths above to see what awaits.


Tread carefully! Metsi does not recommend this approach as it moves legacy designs and features to the new platform, creating operational overhead and technical debt. This pathway does not lend itself well to automation and new value-added services.


Follow our lead! We help move the customer to new automated standard service offerings. This approach impacts some bespoke features customers already have, but will create a scalable platform and services portfolio for customers. We recommend this path for most of our customers.


Forging a new way! This is mainly relevant for on-prem to public cloud migrations, where this suits the business. The customer’s services are moved to new cloud SaaS / PaaS services. This path includes reverse public-cloud to on-prem migrations.


High impact! This path is best suited to customers whose bespoke design and requirements are beyond the offerings of legacy platforms, but it is attractive for the customer to change the way they consume services. This path has the biggest customer impact during migration.


The path of least resistance. Services continue to be operated on legacy platforms (the “do nothing” option) and are deferred for possible revisiting at a later date. Technical debt and operational overheads remain. Metsi does not recommend this path.


The slow road. Services are left untouched until the natural life of the service expires.


Detour! The importance of the customer, or cost of migration, dictates that there is not a business case for transition. However, the legacy services can be encapsulated in a new bespoke service wrap to leverage as much of the new platform and automation as possible. This path creates service bloat.

Application Modernisation - The 7 Pathways

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Step 2

The 7 paths to your summit

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Step 3: The Summit

Validation & Go-Live

Congratulations! You have reached the summit of application modernisation.

This phase ensures the desired outcomes have been met by the successful execution of the chosen pathway. The alignment of IT and business goals are verified and go-live ensures “lights are turned on” in a way which ensures service continuity with no unplanned end-user impact.




Applications are central to your business and are becoming more complex than ever. They are distributed with countless microservices and deployed on hybrid multicloud infrastructures.

Application modernisation is key to your digital transformation journey, and the challenge of modernising your platform infrastructure, architecture, and capability of legacy systems needs a well-defined assessment, strategy selection, and execution approach.

To achieve reliability, availability and predictable performance you need a modern, scalable, end-to-end infrastructure that is self-monitoring, self-analysing, and self-optimising.